About us

The Visionary

It’s a hot summer in 1998. Somewhere in Newcastle, New South Wales, a young missionary hunched over his keyboard has just launched Online Bible College

(OBC). This is my father, David.

David had spent his whole life travelling with his family, teaching and sharing the gospel around Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Burma and, finally, Hong Kong, where he met my mother and I grew up.
Travelling had taught him one thing: There were always people hungry for the Word of God. He also loved technology. Both passions intersected, and he knew that one day, using the internet, he would teach and evangelise because one day, the internet would be accessible to everyone. Right now, it was still in its infancy. In the very same year Google launched, Apple released their multicoloured iMacs and AOL was the hottest internet provider.

Dad’s mission is simple: to reach the whole world with quality, in-depth teaching designed to ground the student in the Gospel. The first Bible College for the digital age.

In one year, OBC takes off. Students are enrolling and love the freedom to study the courses at their own pace and depth. David moves into an office with his team, which includes his wife and his parents. He hires teachers to speak with students. The team develops partnerships with physical Bible colleges to allow students of OBC to earn accreditations after completing courses.

One night, God speaks to David: ‘Freely you have received, freely you shall give’. David knows this means removing the enrolment fees charged to students. This marks a new season of OBC. Despite this being the only source of income for his staff and his growing family of three young children, he chooses to step out in faith.

The effects are immediate. Enrolments surge across the globe, graduates from Myanmar want to start a live school, almost 1,000 students graduate in one year and David and his parents juggle fundraising and development. OBC is growing despite the financial strain, and it is clear the Lord is providing.

Nearly seven years pass, with David working non-stop. Looking at the photos, he is a different person. And particularly noticeable is his loss of weight. I remember him commenting on his constant tiredness. He decides to see a doctor.

The doctor tells him that he has terminal cancer.

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Special Characteristics

These are the special characteristics which flavour the lesson material and ministry approach of the Online Bible College:

The Centrality of the Gospel

We believe that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ must be central to all church teaching and activity. The Gospel is a “whole Gospel for the whole Christian life.”

The Gifts of the Spirit

We believe in the empowering of the Holy Spirit for service and the present day operation of the gifts of the Spirit, as described in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11.

The Ministry of Every Believer

We believe that every believer, regardless of race, gender or educational status, is called by God to participate in His glorious purpose. We are all “full time” in the ministry, even if we have a secular vocation, and to this end, each believer has a unique mix of ministry gifts, as determined by the Holy Spirit.

The Unity of the Body of Christ

We believe in the indivisible unity of the Body of Christ, established solely upon the foundation of the Gospel of Christ. We believe that God is bringing His Body into a practical expression of unity, as described in John 17:20- 23 and Ephesians 4:13